This information is to provide Member Associations an overview and recommendations relating to how to manually modify the Registration Status of an individual. Refer to this guide every time you require to modify a Registration status manually.

Before any modifications to the registration status are made, we recommend that you contact the FCP Support Team by submitting a ticket for guidance on the best approach to resolved a particular scenario. Every situation is unique and modifying the status may affects the functionality related to the individual.

RECOMMENDATION: Please do not attempt any Manual Status Change

A) Risks associated with Manual Status Change

  • The system has certain rules about the status of person's registrations (e.g. a person can have only one 'Passive' registration at any time); manually changing the status could potentially subvert these rules and cause the system to behave in ways other than expected (For example: changing a second status to 'Passive' will result in that person not being able to be renewed, until such time as only their most recent registration is 'Passive').
  • Manually changing the status of a person does not create/recreate any work tasks. That is, if you change a person manually from 'Active' to 'On Hold' work tasks will not be created for the Club/MA.
  • If a person has mistakenly been made 'Active' you will also need to account for the fact that an automated email notification will have been sent to their club about this. Email notifications are not sent when the status is changed manually. 
  • Never set a person's status as 'Deleted' - this may affect the way they are treated by the system. For example, they will no longer appear in person search.
  • Manually modifying the Registration Status does not update the Player Passport.
  • Manually modifying the Registration Status disables the system actions of outstanding Work Tasks (including updating the Work Task Log).
  • Manually modifying the Registration Status affects the ability for ID Cards to be added and removed from ID Card Printing Batches.
  • Manually modifying the Registration Status also affects the functionality of loans at both the borrowing club and the parent (lending) club. 

B) Manual Status Change

1. Select People

2. Select 'Search'

3. Search for the Individual

Type in the individuals's name that you wish to renew by entering one of either in the "Search Box"

  • First and/or Family name of the individual
  • ID 

4. Select 'View'

5. Select 'Registration History'

At Person Level, select 'History' then 'Registrations History'

The screen appears as follows

6. Change Status

Change the Status

Section C below which provides additional information relating to modifying a registration status to "Delete". Please follow the steps below.

If an individual only has one line of Registration History, do not select any status other than "Passive" or "Active". Alternatively, ensure the individual has at least one other 'Passive' or 'Active' record.

We recommend that you contact the FCP Support Team for guidance before modifying any registration status.

7. Select 'Update'

C) Deleting most recent Registration record

If there is a need to delete the latest registration record, ensure there is at least one other 'Passive' or 'Active' registration record. If there is no other 'Passive' or 'Active' registration records, change the last 'Rolled over/Renew' to 'Passive' before you change the latest registration record status to 'Deleted'.

Before changing a registration status to 'Deleted', ensure there is at lease one registration record (for any role) that is 'Passive' or 'Active'.

Example Steps

Here a player that has been renewed and is Active.

Modify the 'Rolled over/Renewed' registration record to 'Passive' first,

then, modifying the 'Active' registration record to 'Deleted'.

If required, contact the FCP Support Team for guidance before modifying any registration status.